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EBDA in April 2022

Ramadan dinner with EBDA and Organic Egypt:

EBDA and Organic Egypt organized a group dinner where all members got to enjoy delicious food, play games and know each other better. It was a day filled with happiness, kindness and peace.

Fashion Revolution Week celebration:

EBDA is contributing through the Economy of Love Standard to a holistic fashion transformation in Egypt and the whole world, by promoting the cultivation of the most regenerative and sustainable cotton with biodynamically farming methods.  EoL aims to develop more transparent economy where every person, particularly the farmer, is appreciated, respected and dignified, and where products can be easily traced.

EBDA Growth In April:

It gives us great joy to assist Egyptian farmers in becoming more sustainable. We are constantly raising awareness and interest in shifting from conventional to organic and biodynamic farming. The following graph provides the growth of our member in the last six months. Currently, EBDA has 1541 new members (zero year) who have decided to convert their lands, and our total registered members have grown from 1336 in march to 1541 in April. In addition, 399 membership applications  were recorded this month.