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EBDA in May 2022

Biodynamic Preparations Workshop:

A two-day workshop on Biodynamic Preparations was held by EBDA towards 25 participants coming from different backgrounds (Professors, Engineers, students) and sharing interest in biodynamic preparations, participants had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Saber Hendawy, Eng. Angela Hofmann, and Eng. Tayseer Sakr.

The first day of the training was an introduction to biodynamic preparations during which Dr. Saber Hendawy explained to attendees which plants are suitable for use. The session was followed by a field visit where participants got to know how to properly harvest and dry these plants. The second session was animated by Eng. Angela Hofmann who walked participants through the steps of making preparations, the different engredients to use, and introduced the philosophy and teachings of Rudolf Steiner. In particular, participant got the opportunity to make the preparations of horn manure (500) and quartz (501). The training was concluded by a visit to the preparatios house where participants got to see how preparations should be stored and the different conditions necessary for an optimal storage.

During the second day of the workshop, participants were introduced to the ingredients and making process of CPP preparations. With the supervision of Eng. Angela, each attendee made his own CPP and buried it into specialized holes with specific combinations and measurements. Eng. Tayseer then prepared a tour around the husbandry field and showcased how animals are being treated and fed, as well as the procedure of transporting manure for composting. Furthermore, applicants had an open discussion where they got to clarify any ambiguity and provided ideas and recommendations for the next workshop. The two-day workshop was concluded with a closing ceremony where participants received their certificates.


The visit of Dutch Diplomats to DESALT

A group of Dutch diplomats visited SEKEM farm and met with Talis Bosma, a project manager from Delphy International project in Egypt and a project assistant in EBDA. Talis introduced to the diplomats the DESALT project (Egyptian-Dutch saline agriculture and water management learning and technology), and its objectives to optimize cultivation under saline conditions.

Check Our New Videos:

Believing in the importance of knowledge sharing, Demeter Egypt released a new patch of informative videos covering different topics including organic agriculture practices, biological control, compost and compost tea making, and the benefits of organic inputs. To view the videos, head to the “Knowledge” section of the website or check our youtube page “Demeter Egypt”.

Participation In The “Golden Bee” Awards in Slovenia:

The 2022 Golden Bee Awards is a Slovenian initiative aiming to reward outstanding achievements in relation to the conservation of bees and other pollinators. EBDA participated in the competition through its project “Rescue and conservation Apis Mellifera Lamarkii in Egypt”. EBDA was invited to the award ceremony at the national council of the Republic of Slovenia as a finalist and got awarded second place. Ms. Maja Kolar, a representative from Demeter Slovenia attended the ceremony on our behalf.

The main purpose of EBDA’s project “Rescue and conservation Apis Mellifera Lamarkii in Egypt” was to protect and conserve the bee species, and re-establish its importance in the country. In addition to supporting beekeepers through adequate training, technical support, adequate hives, marketing opportunities, and promoting beekeeping as an important aspect of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity protection.

Collaboration With IDAM and JeSuit:

EBDA joined forces with The Integral Development Action of Minia (IDAM) association and the JeSuit association, also known as the “Social Development Association in Aswan”, and agreed on collaborating to promote the transition of conventional farmers to organic and biodynamic agriculture in Minia and Aswan. In particular, a new agreement will be signed with JeSuit in order to support the farmers of 22 villages of Nasr El Noba in shifting towards organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Participation in the Social Initiatives Forum At Heliopolis University:

SIF is back again in HU under the slogan of “Agriculture fills the hunger industry, provides needs but education grows and makes home”, and covering the topic of organic Agriculture between Education and Application. The event was kickstarted by Mr. Helmy Abouleish who gave a speech about sustainable development goals and SEKEM’s vision for organic agriculture in Egypt. EBDA participated in the forum through its Deputy Executive Director Justus Harms and Agricultural Consultant Attia Sobhy who participated in press events to introduce EBDA, its vision and services, particularly EBDA’s role in supporting Egyptian Farmers. In addition, Justus introduced the Economy of love certificate and its new carbon credits standard that promotes carbon sequestration and decreases carbon emissions for the sake of the environment.