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EBDA in April 2024

EBDA organized a workshop for the women farmers 


On April 18 2024, EBDA organized a workshop for the women farmers around Sharqiya region in order to share their knowledge and involvements as well as their contribution to enhance the organic/biodynamic farming in the region. The workshop was an opportunity to have a diverse number of farmers and women. Moreover, this workshop was held on the same day of SEKEM spring festival at SEKEM farm, which was introducing the importance of water conservation and water management from different perspectives and fields. EBDA agronomists successfully introduced a performance made especially for the EBDA farmers to raise awareness regarding water consumption in agriculture.

EBDA training in Fayoum 


EBDA team and agronomists made a training for its farmers in Fayoum region to share knowledge regarding a new mobile application that has been designed to ease the farmers and agronomists work on the field. Stay tuned to learn more about the app.


EBDA Marketing and Communication 

The EBDA and EoL marketing and communication team plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility, impact, and reach of the Egyptian Biodynamic Association and Economy of Love standard and its sustainability approach on social media platforms and webpages.

– They are working on several learning materials and creating educational videos in different sectors. 

– The team is continuing working on the online campaign that is published on the EBDA official youtube channel called “Learn with EBDA” 


The 1st. African Biodynamic Conference 

The Egyptian Biodynamic Association is hosting the 1st. African Biodynamic Conference to explore new agricultural approaches. Focused on climate resilience, youth leadership, and indigenous wisdom, it aims to shape a regenerative future for African farming by connecting international experts with local practitioners for meaningful collaborations. Check the link for more information: ABDC 2024