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EBDA in October 2023

October 2023’s Cotton Harvest Festival

This year’s event was a huge success. It gave nearby farmers a stage on which to exhibit their biodynamic cotton goods and share insightful commentary on environmentally friendly agricultural methods. The festival attracted a lot of media coverage, which helped to increase public knowledge of biodynamic agriculture in Egypt. The event was held in the Damietta region in collaboration with HU, EBDA, and SDF in the presence of Mr. Helmy Abouleish, CEO of SDF, Dr. Fawzy Aboelabbas, Dean of the Faculty of Organic Agriculture at HU, and Dr. Gouda, Head of HU.


Textile Exchange Conference 2023

Justus Harm, co-executive director of EBDA, has been invited to attend the TEC2023, which took place in London on 23rd – 27th of October. By attending the Textile Exchange Conference the participants were able to interact with business executives and share their knowledge about biodynamic cotton farming. Through this global forum, we were able to make meaningful contacts and talk about potential future partnerships in the sustainable textiles industry.

Moving steadily towards Carbon Credits in the Egyptian Exchange Stock

Several meetings have been conducted between the EoL team and Taswaayat Clearing Services. They will be responsible for the trading of the stock exchange papers of EoL-CC.


PGS Peer Review Training Plan

Work is now being done on the PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) peer review training. The purpose of this project is to improve our ability to be certified PGS EoL and PGS Demeter and subject to peer assessments in the biodynamic community. To guarantee a strong peer review system and the legitimacy of biodynamic products in Egypt, multiple training sessions were held in around 10 different regions to train 84 farmers to be able to understand the system and work on it independently for all the EBDA-registered farmers.

Preparing for the 1. African Biodynamic Conference in 2024

The 1. African Biodynamic Conference is being fully prepared for in 2024. The EBDA is putting a lot of effort into planning an exciting and informative event. Finalizing speakers, seminars, and logistical arrangements is what we’re doing to make sure this conference will be a success and that biodynamic agriculture is promoted throughout Africa.

Workshops in Taiwan for introducing BD Agriculture and Preparations Making

The BD association of Taiwan invited Ms. Angela Hofmann to give a workshop for their farmers to learn to produce the BD preparations. The workshop was held in the association theoretically and practically with around 30 participants. All 9 BD preps have been produced. There was an investigation about how to adapt the preparations to the Taiwanese plants. Eventually, participants got the confidence to manage producing the BD preps on their own successfully. Next to this, there was an opportunity to introduce BD agriculture to students, teachers and parents of waldorf schools.