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EBDA in September 2023

Participation at the African Climate Summit and African Climate Week (ACW) in Kenya

During the African Climate Summit and Week, EBDA engaged in a series of events and discussions that left a lasting impact. The organization’s representatives had the privilege of meeting with influential figures and institutions such as the African Carbon Market initiative, the World Bank, the CEO of Gold Standard, Root Capita, Rabobank, Acorn, the Cash Coalition, and the UN high-level climate champions. These meetings provided a valuable platform for sharing insights and strategies on climate action, contributing to the broader global effort to combat climate change.

The following days after the summit, Justus Harm, representative of EBDA with Mariam Abouleish Organic Egypt manager, attended several meetings with different companies and farms; the most highly productive one was a meeting with KUZA company. The primary objective was to explore opportunities for supporting KUZA in implementing its innovative learning platform among EBDA farmers in Egypt. This collaboration aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of Egyptian farmers in sustainable and biodynamic agricultural practices, ultimately contributing to climate resilience and food security in the region.

The Climate-smart Value Chain workshop

Hend Hany from EBDA represented the association’s activities in a workshop held in Beni-Suef. The workshop, supported by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), focused on the implementation of climate-smart value chain practices. The EBDA’s dedication and expertise in the field were instrumental in highlighting all efforts to promote sustainable agricultural practices and address the challenges brought about by climate change. Participating in such workshops successfully fostered knowledge-sharing and collaboration among participants, laying the groundwork for a more resilient and climate-smart agricultural system in Beni-Suef.

EBDA has been awarded the Smart Green Prize!

The Smart Green Prize is a local competition for smart green projects that was launched in 2022 ahead of COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh. This year, EBDA applied for the Smart Green Prize with the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) initiative in Minya Governorate as a non-profit initiative. Fortunately, EBDA won first place in the non-profit initiatives category. On October 1st, Eng. Buthaina Elhosieny received a certificate of appreciation from the Governor of Minya, Osama Al-Qadi, for the Participatory Guarantee System initiative as a representative of the EBDA and the responsible person for the system.

EBDA Joined Sahara Expo 2023

Cultivating Growth and Awareness at Sahara Expo 2023! EBDA’s dedicated team was delighted to foster connections with inspiring farmers willing to change their way of doing agriculture, sharing with them knowledge about organic/biodynamic agriculture and the EBDA services with its issued sustainability standard Economy of Love. Together, with the new members climate heroes were regenerating a sustainable future.

Implementing the first Biochar Trial

According to the new era of more sustainable and regenerative agricultural  system in order to enhance the soil quality, fertility and productivity, EBDA has been implementing a Biochar trial at the SEKEM farm to test the final outcome of lightweight black residue, made of carbon and ashes, remaining after the pyrolysis of biomass. A big quantity is welling to be done and tested as the next steps of the trail. Main Benefits of Biochar: 

  1. Increases soil water holding capacity
  2. Increases soil productivity and texture
  3. Locks CO2 into soil
  4. Source of high quality CO2 certificates

EBDA is working on trials on Potentized Biodynamic Preparations PBP

In the summer season, EBDA successfully conducted the first trials on the PBP, and will continue on a bigger scale in the winter season. These trials are going under supervision of the German expert Benjamin Eppler.


An MoU between EBDA and the National Bank

EBDA signed an agreement with the national bank in order to support smallholder farmers.