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EBDA in November 2023

EBDA is joining the COP28

EBDA is aiming to promote the EoL whole system carbon credits scheme. The communication specialist of the EBDA team has published and released several posts and reels on our SM channels. Check the links to learn more: https://www.instagram / https://www.instagram


EBDA signed a MoU with ICPM

This memorandum of understanding outlines the validation and verification procedure for the Economy of Love (EoL) carbon credits conducted by the ICPM group. ICPM Group is a  leading consultancy and Competency developer of Project Portfolio Management services and supporting systems in the Europe, Middle East and Gulf Region.



EBDA is seeking for on-boarding new Agronomists 

To realize our ambitious upscaling project, aiming to guide 40,000 farmers toward Biodynamic (BD) farming practices, EBDA recognizes the need to expand its team. In response, we have opened positions and received an overwhelming response, with 162 agronomists applying for the opportunity. Currently, our hiring team is diligently conducting interviews, with 30 candidates in the process of evaluation. The selection of skilled and dedicated professionals will not only strengthen our organization but also enhance our capacity to promote sustainable agricultural practices and support the widespread adoption of Biodynamic farming among farmers.


Preparations for the 1st Biodynamic Conference in Africa 

EBDA team is preparing for hosting and organizing the Biodynamic conference Africa to be held on 10th – 12th May 2024. The has published prepared terms of references (ToR) on the LinkedIn page for receiving the best offers for appropriate and professional conference managers as well as preparing a call for sponsorship and partnership for all participants who want to be part of the BD movement through the conference. Check the link for more https://www.linkedin.


The Exhibition for Organic Input Supplies

an organic input supply show organized in collaboration with Heliopolis University and its partner association, EBDA. Held at Heliopolis University (HU), the exhibition was organized within the North African Knowledge Hub project. Approximately 4,000 people from all over Egypt visited the event, including farmers, researchers, and business executives looking to acquire goods and resources.  The show allowed more than 50 suppliers and manufacturers to showcase their organic products, which included seeds, organic fertilizers, pest control solutions, farm equipment, tools, and machinery made especially for organic farming methods. Attendees were keen to share their knowledge and experiences.



A visit from Taiwanese farmers and teachers 

A Group of 35 Taiwanese farmers and teachers came to visit and learn from Sekemfor a whole week. They got an intensive intro to the EoL standard and its sustainability approach. Additionally, they went to wahat farm to experience the BD work in sekem farms.



COmOn Foundation Supporting EBDA

Mr. Pon, the visionary founder of the ComOn Foundation, recently visited Egypt to celebrate his 80th birthday, and during his stay, he became acquainted with the remarkable work of EBDA (Egyptian Biodynamic Association). Learning about the innovative Economy of Love standard for sustainability and EBDA’s ambitious upscaling project left a lasting impression on Mr. Pon. Recognizing the potential for positive change, he decided to lend his support to EBDA’s mission. In a significant commitment, Mr. Pon pledged to back the upscaling project, which aims to connect with 40,000 farmers in Egypt, facilitating their transition to Biodynamic Farming. This endeavor not only contributes to environmental conservation but also uplifts the livelihoods of numerous farmers, aligning with Mr. Pon’s enduring commitment to fostering sustainable practices and creating a positive impact on communities.


The EBDA New cosmic calendar for 2024

The EBDA team has been successfully working on the new cosmic calendar that will be ready to be distributed to all our farmers for the year 2024. The Cosmic Calendar is mainly designed to support farmers during their farming seasons. Check the links for more details Agenda 2024 / Calendar 2024