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EBDA in April 2022

We celebrated Ramadan Iftar together!

Iftar day in Ramadan with Organic Egypt and EBDA as a part of team building and cooperation. Organic Egypt Invited EBDA team for Iftar to strengthen relationships between the organizations and to strengthen the team building. A day filled with happiness, kindness, peace and cooperation.

This collective Iftar was a motivation for all of us with the importance of working together and spreading love and goodness instead of our work related topics and was important for the team dynamics.

This day created an entertaining and humorous urge between us and renewed our confidence in the team and made us more ready to work and open up to get to know us more personally.

We celebrated Fashion Revolution Week !

With our developed Economy of Love Standard we are contributing to a holistic fashion transformation in Egypt as well as the whole world. By cultivating and growing the most regenerative and sustainable cotton with biodynamically farming methods. In addition, Egyptians are pioneers in the global cotton production. Economy of Love always works towards creating a more transparent economy where every person is appreciated, respected and dignified. With this considered in mind, Farmers are the ones who grow the raw material for our clothes and are the basis of this industry. Not all people know the farmers, many rarely aware of them and their work. Many of the big brands don’t always know the origin of their products. So we took this week to let people know more about them and where the origin products come from.

Harvesting the beets !

Dutch-Egyptian partnership of Nectaerra, The Salt Doctors, Delphy and Sekem to Present a viable saline agriculture business case for community farmers. After Potato trial in adliya farm & 2 seasons in TMT Plot. The second winter season started on October 7th 2021 with cultivating different varieties of clover, beet, Sesbania, Salicornia and Tomato to test their tolerance of a salinity reaching to 20 ds\m. Some treatments have been applied like Bacteria and different water treatments to check how much impact could be resulted in this saline condition in order to address that to farmers who are suffering from salinity problems in their fields.

In April, the harvest for beets and tomatoes has been done with promising yield under such very saline conditions. The red beet has been marketed in sekem organic shops in HU green campus with positive feedback from consumers regarding the quality. That means a successful and worthed trial from all sides that work on this.

An Insightful looking of EBDA Growth Graph 

It’s our pleasure to contribute to huge mind shifts of Egyptian farmers. We are continuously raising awareness and increasing interest to convert from conventional to clean and organic cultivation.

Members growth

This graph is reviewing the growth of our members through 6 months. EBDA now has 1541 new members (zero year) who have decided to convert their lands and our engineers revealed their farms first. We registered 1336 till March 2022 and 1541 till April 2022. In addition, we have 399 membership applications  that want to register for conversion till April 2022, all under revealing by our engineers and consultants.